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What is Renewable Energy? 

This is being referred to the energy or power taken from natural resources. The energy being used by these sources like solar, geothermal, wind, etc were extracted or taken from biofuels and biomass.

This industry or business started few years back in order to achieve eco way or environmental friendly energy source.

There are many kinds of renewable energy:

1. Solar Panel or Solar Energy

2. Wind Energy

3. Geothermal Energy


Why Use Renewable Energy?

We are all aware that all our power or energy are derived from fossil resources like petrol. But these resources cause pollution. If we want a clean environment, let’s shift to renewable energy.

Using renewable energy can also help us save money, you may have to spend thousand of dollars when you buy solar panels but it would be a one time big time payment, after which – you can save from your high electricity bills. And going back to the first reason, you provide your entire household a better place to live in by using natural source of energy.